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George Jones Majolica Pottery

George Jones Majolica Pottery

Many things come to mind at the mention of the name George Jones.Depending on your location, you might even know a country song or two written by American Country artist, George Jones. However, those who love antique pottery might envision something totally different.

I credit the research of Geoffrey Gooden and Robert Cluett’s George Jones Ceramics 1861-1951 for my references.This book is a visual and historical gift.

George Jones the merchant and pottery manufacturer was born in Nantwich , Cheshire in June, 1983. His family had no connection to the pottery trade whatsoever. His early life was not easy and he was raised by three sisters. At fourteen he apprenticed with Minton pottery. He later worked for Wedgwood & Boyle and then with Francis Wedgwood as a traveling salesman.

Eventually Mr. Jones would be among the great names of pottery industry such as Minton, Wedgwood, Coalport, Derby ,and Copeland Spode.  He received international fame and awards for his majolica creations with medals at the World's Fair in Paris (1867), London (1871), Vienna (1873) and Sydney (1876).

At Pickwick, we are fortunate to have some of the finest examples of George Jones work. It is truly a feast for the eyes...the depth of the colors and details. Please enjoy these pictures from our collection ...You might find yourself humming a George Jones tune if you wish.

Fruit Service

Dessert Service

Dessert Service

Garden Seat

Service Dish

As always....Design is in the Details
Pam Sexton
Pickwick Antiques

Part Three:  The Real Deal.  Will the Real Mr. Chippendale Please… Be Seated?

Some of the most beloved styles in furnishings have been influenced by Thomas Chippendale.  The Gentleman and Cabinetmaker Director, written by Chippendale, soon became the standard for all cabinetmakers who would "improve and refine the present tastes and suited to fancy circumstances."  

Over 160 copper plates started a revolution in the design and details of creating and furnishing the "fancy" home.  This work also focused on Gothic, Chinese and Modern taste as well as ornaments.  The designs, or "plates", are hopefully referenced to for young students of design.  Memories of pouring over the "plates" for exams are still vivid in my reflection. 

Imagine if Mr. Chippendale, who was a proud cabinetmaker, could see how his visions have been passed down and influenced many a young designer. 

In truth, authentic Chippendale pieces are indeed RARE and even more difficult to locate.  We use the term "Chippendale Style" to describe pieces that are designed in the manner of Chippendale's original pieces.  Even so, Pickwick Antiques offers some extremely beautiful pieces that are dated and are the direct influence of Mr. Chippendale's work.


As Always... The Design is in the Details
Pam Klepper Sexton
Pickwick Antiques
Montgomery, AL

Atlanta…..We have moved….Just around the corner….

Pickwick Antiques has built the reputation of offering the finest of antiques, paintings, and accessories at the Stalls on Bennett Street for twenty-four years. As the seasons  change from summer to fall ...we are pleased to announce our latest change. Pickwick will continue to maintain the standard of quality in the Peachtree Battle Antiques and Interiors located in the landmark building fronting 2395 Peachtree Road in Atlanta. The staff is knowledgeable,helpful, and welcoming. We have already experienced a wonderful beginning and have great expectations for the future.

The Royal Wave Continues

There was simply no way to avoid the celebration of the Royal Wedding....At Pickwick, we prepared for all of the pagentry as well. The finest silver was polished,the tea was set, horses groomed to perfection for the day’s event. The Duchess Of Edinburgh made her entrance to the sound of bagpipes. Britannia was poised and the symbols of England, the lion and the unicorn,were positioned for the best view. Of course, HRH Queen Elizabeth the Ist as well as her cousin HRH Queen Mary continue to overlook the festivities. 

If you love Great Britain, you will love Pickwick!

As Always....Design is in the Details

Pam Klepper Sexton Pickwick Antiques                        

Living With Color

When I open my closet, I see colors that I love and have finally figured out...what colors make me joyful. I will be the first to admit ....YES ...I do have a collection of black and white blouses and slacks that I cannot live without throughout all of the seasons.

However, the minute the seasons closet takes on a life of it’s own...Turquoise, azure, chartreusse, pink... a color flash lifts my spirits and come autumn.....More Crimson!

Neutral interiors with a beautiful antique piece next to a contempory item or accent changes something instantly. Art and paintings add color and  interest.Textures, textiles, pillows and fabric add another sensory level. Don't forget the light....Open the rooms with natural light to awaken your soul in the morning....use lamps for direct and indirect lighting...Think outslde the comfort zone with lighting in usual places....(Think closets, and laundry rooms) Use mirrors to reflect the colors and add depth to an area...Make certain the mirror reflects a grouping or interior and not a ceiling. 

I, personally, love a touch of whimsy somewhere within the should not be taken so seriously...

Bring nature into your home whenever possible. As Always....Design is in the details!


Vocabulary.Com Dictionary defines "Redux", a Latin term, which means "Brought back or Revived" . After two years....I have chosen to be 'brought back' and 'revived' into the blog experience. I have always liked the word"redux, redeaux" is a lovely word. It is certainly time for me to get my blogging "ducks in a row".

In the time of painted wood finishes, minimalism and mid century revival...Antiques can blend and add value and interest. ONE quality piece can be a treasure for even the most minimal-minded. Often a simple change of fabric can transform a piece by adding crispness and renewal. 



As Always....Design is in the Details!

Pam Klepper Sexton

Pickwick Antiques

If you cannot attend Wimbledon…Come to Pickwick…We celebrate the UK Everyday!


We carry all silver that would be a perfect addition for your home as well as a Wimbledon Champion....Love armorials and family crests...come see our antique collections. Step back in history and you may find HRH Elizabeth the First looking over her own special court!

As Always....Design is in the Details!

If you cannot attend Wimbledon…Come to Pickwick…We celebrate the UK Everyday!


We carry all silver that would be a perfect addition for your home as well as a Wimbledon Champion....Love armorials and family crests...come see our antique collections. Step back in history and you may find HRH Elizabeth the First looking over her own special court!

As Always....Design is in the Details!

Part Two…The Final Year of Downton Abbey

 I can picture Lady Fiona Carnarvon, the Eighth Countess of Carnarvon using this beautiful Bureau Plat as a desk. The Countess was the featured speaker a year ago for the design conference that I attended.I recommend the two books which she has written. These books will enrich your knowledge of Highclere and its place in history. Note the exquisite pieces in this room that are, like the bureau plat, quite European. The wealthy of the time imported much of their furniture from famous European makers.




A Fond Farewell….Part One The Final Year of Downton Abbey

The PBS Masterpiece series, Downton Abbey, is approaching its final season. No big deal....WRONG! It really is a big deal to those of us who follow the Crawley Family as if personally received by invitation each Sunday evening. ( I have been known to break away from events just to get home in time, forget recording).It is one of the most delightful series I have ever experienced.

To my great pleasure, the series has given the viewer an opportunity to experience the period antiques incorporated within the settings. It is a marvelous study of the evolution of costume and design. Each detail and fabric is perfected to the time periods and changes throughout the course of the episodes.

I will be presenting a particular piece of antique furniture that is featured in the series in conjunction with those pieces that we feature here at Pickwick Antiques. Check our blog for this continued series.

The Carlton House Desk* in its specifc form was supposedly designed for the Prince of Wales( Later King George IV) by George Hepplewhite. The name was derived from Carlton House,the residence of the time for the Prince of Wales.


(Reference: Aronson, Joseph, The Encyclopedia of Furniture 3rd ed. New York: Crowne Publishers 1966).*


The Carlton House of Highclere(Downton Abbey) as seen in the library.



Carlton House Desk Pickwick Antiques file

As Always ....Design is in the Details!!!


Pam Klepper Sexton 

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