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When I open my closet, I see colors that I love and have finally figured out...what colors make me joyful. I will be the first to admit ....YES ...I do have a collection of black and white blouses and slacks that I cannot live without throughout all of the seasons.

However, the minute the seasons closet takes on a life of it’s own...Turquoise, azure, chartreusse, pink... a color flash lifts my spirits and come autumn.....More Crimson!

Neutral interiors with a beautiful antique piece next to a contempory item or accent changes something instantly. Art and paintings add color and  interest.Textures, textiles, pillows and fabric add another sensory level. Don't forget the light....Open the rooms with natural light to awaken your soul in the morning....use lamps for direct and indirect lighting...Think outslde the comfort zone with lighting in usual places....(Think closets, and laundry rooms) Use mirrors to reflect the colors and add depth to an area...Make certain the mirror reflects a grouping or interior and not a ceiling. 

I, personally, love a touch of whimsy somewhere within the should not be taken so seriously...

Bring nature into your home whenever possible. As Always....Design is in the details!

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