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Crystal Clear

I am REALLY suffering from Spring Fever...My Favorite type of fever!!! Everything just seems to sparkle and shine leaves, blue skies....gorgeous southern temperatures and bright colors of nature.

Finding An Appraiser

Anyone in the antique business will often receive calls about the value of their antique piece or family heirloom. While each dealer has their area of expertise and one is familiar with all areas of antiques and collectables.


Details in Design…

I have ALWAYS been fascinated with the construction of things...anything architectural or structural... and , of course, design in general. I get it honestly...My Texas roots go deep in these areas. I am using my background in history or furniture everyday...I loved the courses that I took in college in my design field but ... application is the best form of learning....NEVER stop learning about the things you are passionate about!


Porcelain Boxes

Imagine the time it took to make these beautiful porcelain boxes!


I love Spring and anything related to the Spring season.  Although our southern springs quickly turn to summer, the interlude is a time to embrace renewal and resurrection both physically and spiritually. The Earth reminds us daily of that renewal and wonder. The Easter Season is the most treasured of my religious celebrations...Resurrection and Renewal ...and a pure celebration of promises made and kept.

Pam Klepper Sexton Designing Details

When I graduated from college as a student of Interior Design...I was set to decorate the WORLD! Little did I know journey would take a totally different path to marriage, then children, and to educate the minds of young children.
With all my heart, I KNOW that the Lord placed me where I was supposed to be and in HIS time. Yet, I maintained my design work throughout the years as well. The MASTER DESIGNER was honing my talent, experience, and, most certainly my knowledge, maturity and patience within his timeline.

Pam Klepper Sexton Designing Details/ HOUSE OF THE MAYORS

I had the honor of placing period pieces as well as decorating this new home to the Alabama Association of Justice on Perry Street in Montgomery, Alabama. This exquisite stained glass window is original to the House of Mayors in Montgomery, Alabama. I will be adding other pictures of Pickwick pieces, paintings, and bronzes that have found a new home.

Pam Klepper Sexton Designing Details…WELCOME!

My name is Pam Sexton, Interior Design Consultant for Pickwick Antiques. Our main store is located in Montgomery, Alabama. Our other locations are located in Atlanta  at the Stalls on Bennett Street and Pepper Place in Birmingham, Alabama and our new location in the Birmingham Interiors and Antiques in Birmingham(Vestavia).

Pam Klepper Sexton Designing Details

I love to imagine where certain pieces in Pickwick Antiques have been in history....what their story would be...I also like to know where these pieces go. This beautiful table is one of those that I would love to travel to see in its  new home.This beautiful table, with exquisite hand-painted classical details is well on the way to be a lovely lady's writing desk. The client selected this piece for her private study in her home in Rome, Italy.

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