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If you cannot attend Wimbledon…Come to Pickwick…We celebrate the UK Everyday!


We carry all silver that would be a perfect addition for your home as well as a Wimbledon Champion....Love armorials and family crests...come see our antique collections. Step back in history and you may find HRH Elizabeth the First looking over her own special court!

As Always....Design is in the Details!

If you cannot attend Wimbledon…Come to Pickwick…We celebrate the UK Everyday!


We carry all silver that would be a perfect addition for your home as well as a Wimbledon Champion....Love armorials and family crests...come see our antique collections. Step back in history and you may find HRH Elizabeth the First looking over her own special court!

As Always....Design is in the Details!

Part Two…The Final Year of Downton Abbey

 I can picture Lady Fiona Carnarvon, the Eighth Countess of Carnarvon using this beautiful Bureau Plat as a desk. The Countess was the featured speaker a year ago for the design conference that I attended.I recommend the two books which she has written. These books will enrich your knowledge of Highclere and its place in history. Note the exquisite pieces in this room that are, like the bureau plat, quite European. The wealthy of the time imported much of their furniture from famous European makers.




New Arrivals - October 2014

Each month we have a shipment of New Arrivals that come to our store! Today I wanted to share a few that came in our last shipment. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Come by and see us at Pickwick Antiques to view all of our New Arrivals!


Investing in Fine Antiques

In a world full of  DIY Projects, Flea Markets and Garage Sales it's sometimes hard to determine and define what Fine Antiques really are. Here at Pickwick Antiques we pride ourselves in the Finest of Antiques. Our pieces are true investment, quality pieces and are full of history. Our pieces are 18th, 19th, and 20th Century French and English Antiques. Now let's talk about investing in these pieces...

It is very important to first define what a Fine Antique Piece is. Fine Antiques are objects that were made in an earlier period. At Pickwick Antiques these periods are 18th, 19th and 20th Century French and English. A few of the many styles include: Queen Anne, Georgian, Chippendale, Hepplewhite, Sheraton, Empire and Regency.

When you see a Circa date on one of our pieces that means that we know the time period from which the piece is from. When investing in Fine Antiques it is important to visit several different antique stores in order to see the difference in reproduction pieces and the quality of the finer pieces. Always educate yourself by seeing these pieces in person. 

When you make the decision to invest in a Fine Antique piece you are not only purchasing a beautiful, unique, high quality craftsmanship piece for your home or office but you are also investing in a highly collectible item that will be valued for centuries to come. A few of our highly collectible items include Rose Medallion, Minton Majolica, Old Paris Porcelain, Tantalus Sets from the 1800's, Fine English Bookcases, Imari, Period Armchairs, Tea Caddies, and the list goes on.

Come visit us at Pickwick Antiques at 3851 Interstate Court Montgomery, AL off of Perry Hill Rd. to view our world of Fine Antiques!

Old Paris Porcelain

Our large collection of Old Paris Porcelain here at Pickwick Antiques has always been a favorite of mine. The beautiful gilding, paintings and decoration make these pieces ones that are not easily forgotten.

According to the blog - collectors all over the world and especially those in antebellum homes in the South seek out these beautiful pieces of porcelain. Old Paris Porcelain can also be known as "Vieux Paris". These pieces can be found as vases, urns, clocks, figures, inkwells, perfume bottles, and more. Old Paris pieces were created in and around the city of Paris from the mid 1700's to the end of the Second Empire.  Here's a look at some of our collection here at Pickwick Antiques.

(Above) Pair of Old Paris Porcelain Vases with Multicolored Floral and Gold Gilt Decor.

(Above) Pair of Old Paris Porcelain Planters with Floral and Hunt Scene Decoration and Under Plates. C. 1880

(Above) Pair of Old Paris Porcelain Vases with Duck and Floral Decoration. C. 1890

(Above) Fine Pair of Old Paris Porcelain Cornucopia Vases with Figure of a Young Boy and Girl. C. 1880

(Above) Pair of Old Paris Porcelain Vases with Gold Gilt, Floral, Golden Scene, and Figural Decoration. C. 1880 

(Above) Pair of Old Paris Porcelain Vases, Decorated with Oval Portraits of Women. C. 1890

(Above) Pair of 19th Century Old Paris Porcelain Vases with Blue and Gold Decor 

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

In the season of Spring!

In the season of Spring,the Earth gives her finest presentation ....The beauty of its renewal always awakens my heart and my soul...It is a true celebration of the cycle of life... 

As an Easter person, I am reminded of this: Psalm 24: 1  The Lord owns the earth and all it contains....The world and all who live in it.

Enjoy the "Spring " Season at Pickwick Antiques. Always...Design is In the Details!


Fine examples of German Meissen, Coalport and Fine French Porcelains

A Pickwick Christmas…

Join us at Pickwick Antiques in Montgomery, Alabama for our Pre- Christmas Sale...
                                     December 3rd-December 15th

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The “WRITE” Stuff…  Imagine this…one day, if not at this very moment in time, modern man will no

Imagine day, if not at this very moment in time, modern man will no longer use pens and pencils to write, communicate, calculate,etc.Today's students have difficulty, at times, reading anything written in cursive....sadly handwriting is becoming a lost art.

Technology has created a totally new language of abbreviations, lower case letters, and acronyms that are becoming the norm.I miss the beautiful handwriting of my grandmother...written with the free-flowing ink of a pen which had to be refilled rather than thrown away. The stages of handwriting itself certainly gives hints of my era as well.

At one time, a signature showed both creativity and pride behind each letter and character.

Inkwells are the last reminder of the beauty of a bygone era of handwriting as an art form. Allow me to share a few details about the demise of the once common inkwell.

Luis Waterman gave the world the first practical fountain pen...sonn there after, the first ballpoint pen was patented. The spinoffs of the space age gave us the Bic pen which could be effective because of the ability to write on any surface and position....alas Plastic had taken over.

Students of history and , thus, design know this to be man became more civilized, so did his need for more decoration and beauty. This included the humble inkwell.

Wealth was evidenced by the materials used in the construction and decoration such as silver, gold, tortoiseshell, gemstones, and ivory.By the 19th century, the inkwell became more ornate, even whimsical. Materials such as ormolu(gilded bronze), porcelain, shell, rosewood, mahogany, papier-mâché' cut and pressed glass were used.

By the 20th century, the inkwell became more decorative rather than functional.TODAY...
an inkwell is  a beautiful reminder of history and lifestyles...a memory that is STILL worthy of being incorporated into one's decor.

Here are some beautiful examples of various types of inkwells that we have at PICKWICK ANTIQUES. 
 A handsome, French, gilded  inkwell that features a charging bison .If you are looking for a masculine gift...this is it

Love this Spelter inkwell!...I have two Boston Terriers and this whimsical piece is difficult  to resist!

Marble, Malachite, Onyx, Dore, Porcelain, Boulle, Papier Mache'....And many more! ALWAYS....
DESIGN is in the Details.

Visit me at

COLOR!!! Express yourself!

I LOVE the crispness of a neutral palette in most anything in life...yet ...I must closet would be used in a court of law as evidence otherwise. Color is  science. Using that knowledge of color is design and decoration. 

Some of the shows on the networks often show first -time buyers who determine their choice in housing by the color on the walls...Like cosmetics and is an EASY solution and not cost prohibitive. 

Painted furniture has been around since the ancients began telling their stories through this medium.Today's painted furniture is proof that there is nothing new under the sun. It is , however, important to not merely paint everything in sight. There is not a magazine out there today that does not have examples of painted, distressed or enhanced furniture. 

Entire trends are now revolving around this technique. Personally, I am delighted to see how these pieces blend so effortlessly into the current design schemes.

There are SO many techniques....and appropriate paints for even the most treasured item. I , personally love the "Annie Sloan  Chalk Paint " because of her attention to historical colors, the quality and versatility of her paints and , of course, her waxes. In addition to these things, her paints are so easy to blend and  mix with waxes. There is no stripping of the item, very little if any sanding and  the best is the paints are totally eco-friendly. 

I am learning with every piece that I really want to highlight the details so that the beauty of the piece comes through. Therefore, my pieces will not be as "painted" in appearance as some. The beauty of this technique is are able to customize the piece to the look that makes YOU happy.

My first attempt was a drum table that belonged to my Grandmother...mahogany with lovely brass "claw" feet on casters..It now has a lovely new drawer pull. Fun!

The next pictures will feature plain "Jacobian" style lamps with a "lift", a Scottish Pub table that REALLY shows the highlighted details, and a beautiful mirror that went from boring to fabulous.

Remember.. as ALWAYS...Design is in the details!!!  This beautiful mirror would add to any decor... Visit me at Pickwick Antiques!

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