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If you cannot attend Wimbledon…Come to Pickwick…We celebrate the UK Everyday!


We carry all silver that would be a perfect addition for your home as well as a Wimbledon Champion....Love armorials and family crests...come see our antique collections. Step back in history and you may find HRH Elizabeth the First looking over her own special court!

As Always....Design is in the Details!

If you cannot attend Wimbledon…Come to Pickwick…We celebrate the UK Everyday!


We carry all silver that would be a perfect addition for your home as well as a Wimbledon Champion....Love armorials and family crests...come see our antique collections. Step back in history and you may find HRH Elizabeth the First looking over her own special court!

As Always....Design is in the Details!

Part Two…The Final Year of Downton Abbey

 I can picture Lady Fiona Carnarvon, the Eighth Countess of Carnarvon using this beautiful Bureau Plat as a desk. The Countess was the featured speaker a year ago for the design conference that I attended.I recommend the two books which she has written. These books will enrich your knowledge of Highclere and its place in history. Note the exquisite pieces in this room that are, like the bureau plat, quite European. The wealthy of the time imported much of their furniture from famous European makers.




A Fond Farewell….Part One The Final Year of Downton Abbey

The PBS Masterpiece series, Downton Abbey, is approaching its final season. No big deal....WRONG! It really is a big deal to those of us who follow the Crawley Family as if personally received by invitation each Sunday evening. ( I have been known to break away from events just to get home in time, forget recording).It is one of the most delightful series I have ever experienced.

To my great pleasure, the series has given the viewer an opportunity to experience the period antiques incorporated within the settings. It is a marvelous study of the evolution of costume and design. Each detail and fabric is perfected to the time periods and changes throughout the course of the episodes.

I will be presenting a particular piece of antique furniture that is featured in the series in conjunction with those pieces that we feature here at Pickwick Antiques. Check our blog for this continued series.

The Carlton House Desk* in its specifc form was supposedly designed for the Prince of Wales( Later King George IV) by George Hepplewhite. The name was derived from Carlton House,the residence of the time for the Prince of Wales.


(Reference: Aronson, Joseph, The Encyclopedia of Furniture 3rd ed. New York: Crowne Publishers 1966).*


The Carlton House of Highclere(Downton Abbey) as seen in the library.



Carlton House Desk Pickwick Antiques file

As Always ....Design is in the Details!!!


Pam Klepper Sexton 

New Arrivals - October 2014

Each month we have a shipment of New Arrivals that come to our store! Today I wanted to share a few that came in our last shipment. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Come by and see us at Pickwick Antiques to view all of our New Arrivals!


Investing in Fine Antiques

In a world full of  DIY Projects, Flea Markets and Garage Sales it's sometimes hard to determine and define what Fine Antiques really are. Here at Pickwick Antiques we pride ourselves in the Finest of Antiques. Our pieces are true investment, quality pieces and are full of history. Our pieces are 18th, 19th, and 20th Century French and English Antiques. Now let's talk about investing in these pieces...

It is very important to first define what a Fine Antique Piece is. Fine Antiques are objects that were made in an earlier period. At Pickwick Antiques these periods are 18th, 19th and 20th Century French and English. A few of the many styles include: Queen Anne, Georgian, Chippendale, Hepplewhite, Sheraton, Empire and Regency.

When you see a Circa date on one of our pieces that means that we know the time period from which the piece is from. When investing in Fine Antiques it is important to visit several different antique stores in order to see the difference in reproduction pieces and the quality of the finer pieces. Always educate yourself by seeing these pieces in person. 

When you make the decision to invest in a Fine Antique piece you are not only purchasing a beautiful, unique, high quality craftsmanship piece for your home or office but you are also investing in a highly collectible item that will be valued for centuries to come. A few of our highly collectible items include Rose Medallion, Minton Majolica, Old Paris Porcelain, Tantalus Sets from the 1800's, Fine English Bookcases, Imari, Period Armchairs, Tea Caddies, and the list goes on.

Come visit us at Pickwick Antiques at 3851 Interstate Court Montgomery, AL off of Perry Hill Rd. to view our world of Fine Antiques!

Mirror Mirror…

Here at Pickwick Antiques we have a wide variety of mirrors that can quickly transform any space into a focal point. These mirrors not only have a strong history behind them but also undeniable elegance and beauty. Take a look into these mirrors...

A George III Giltwood Mirror in the Rococo Style of the Period, the Vigorous C Scrolls are in the Best Chippendale Manner and Reflect the Height of 18th Century Craftsmanship and Design in England. 
C. 1760

Fine Louis XV Carved and Gold Gilt Pier Mirror. 
C. 1880 

Oval Louis XVI Gold Gilt Mirror with Shell and Scroll Pediment and Carved Base.
C. 1860

Italian Gilt and Lacquered Mirror with Pierce Scroll Carved Pediment, Sides, and Base.
C. 1900

Late Georgian Gold Leaf Mirror with Scroll Carved Shell Pediment. 
C. 1780-1790

A Fine George III Giltwood Mirror. 
C. 1760 

Come see our entire collection of mirrors in our showroom located off of Perry Hill Rd. in Montgomery, AL!

Feet First Part I

"The Feet of a Piece of Furniture Will Direct You to the History of the Furniture. Look from the shoes up." - Pam Sexton, Senior Interior Designer at Pickwick Antiques 

This week we are going to have a two part series here on the blog about several different feet that we have on our furniture pieces here at Pickwick Antiques. Today, we are going to take a look at 4 feet.


1. Hairy Paw

Pair of Irish Chippendale Style Mahogany Side Chairs on Cabriole Legs with Hairy Paw Feet. C. 1890

2. Ball and Claw 

Chippendale Style Mahogany Corner Chair with Interlaced Carved Back Front Cabriole Legs with Ball and Claw Feet. C. 1880

3. Brass Claw

Regency Style Walnut Gaming Table with Brass Gallery and Inlaid Marble Top, Fluted Column, and Brass Claw Feet by "Theodore Alexander" 

4. Hoof 

Italian Piedmontese Walnut Armchair on Hoof Feet Recently Covered in Silk Damask. C. 1780

Have a wonderful week and be on the lookout for Feet First Part II.

Knife and Letter Boxes

Today we are going to discuss knife and letter boxes. Here at Pickwick Antiques in Montgomery, AL we have a pair of knife boxes and a few letter boxes. These are very historical pieces. In the late 18th and early 19th Century, people would actually carry their own cutlery with them to dinner parties and these knife boxes made that a very simple task. As cutlery became more of a common household item these boxes were used as decorative pieces in dining areas. Mahogany and Satinwood were the woods of choice for these boxes. Let's take a look at the knife and letter boxes at Pickwick Antiques.

A Pair of English Mahogany Knife Boxes, Ebonized, Detailing, Early 19th Satinwood Medallion, Handsomely Outfitted Interior Brass Escutcheon. Pair for $3,200

The Details:

The Mahogany Knife Box with Banded Inlay
C. 1780 $3,750
Interior Detail of the Knife Box:



The Letter & Knife Boxes differ in the Interior but not as noticeably on the exterior.
Letter Box is on the left and Knife Box is on the right.

The Sheraton Style Serpentine Letter Box, Yew Wood, "Barber Pole" Inlay & Fitted Interior
Circa 1830 $1,200

Have a wonderful week and come visit us at Pickwick Antiques in Montgomery, AL.

“Jabberwocky Pattern” A Rare Dinner Service of Chamberlain’s Worcester

Our newest addition of china in our showroom in Montgomery, AL is a rare dinner service of Chamberlain's Worcester "Jabberwocky Pattern", named for the Lewis Carroll character of the same name from "Into the Looking Glass" (Alice in Wonderland). 

The vibrant Oriental motif began in the 18th Century and became one of the most popular patterns of the Worcester Factory. 

Decorated in iron red, blue, green, and yellow with dragon in flight, flowering branches, wheat sheaf, all within lobed turquoise borders, 70 pieces, C. 185. 


Here are some of the beautiful details of the Dinner Service:

The "Jabberwocky Pattern" Chamberlains Worcester Dinner Service Includes:
48 Dinner Plates
11 Soup Bowls
1 Sauce Tureen and Platter
1 Large Soup Tureen and Platter
1 Open Vegetable Dish
1 Large Platter 14" x 16"
3 Platters 12" x 14"
1 Platter 10" x 12"
1 Platter 8" x 10"
70 pieces total
Now, let's take a look at the stunning bookcase that the Dinner Service rests in. The Chippendale style Mahogany breakfront bookcase with carved mullion glass doors, C. 1870.
Dimensions : 8'7" H, 10' 2" W, 22" D

We hope you enjoyed our post on the beautiful "Jabberwocky Pattern" a rare dinner service of Chamberain's Worcester.
Have a wonderful rest of the week and come visit our showroom in Montgomery, AL!

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